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    Using our site

    Welcome to, the official web site of Atlantic County Government, New Jersey.

    The Atlantic County Web Site is dedicated to providing residents and visitors with information and access to the full range of services offered by Atlantic County Government. Our site is designed to be your window into County Government, making it easier for you to locate the information and services you need. If there's something you can't find, we want to know!

    This document is intended to be a guide to the use of this web site and will provide you with an understanding of how the site is organized, how you can find the information you're looking for and how to move around the site.

    A Site Search function is located at the top of most pages on the County Web Site. Using plain text keywords in the Search box and clicking “GO” or pressing Enter (PC) or Return (Apple) should result in a list of possible matches for the information you are seeking. If you do not get the results you were hoping for, try different keywords or use our A-Z Site Map. Additionally, you can email the Public Information Officer using the link at the bottom of any page.

    There are three main types of pages in the Atlantic County web site:

    • Home Page, described below
    • Main Subject Area pages, one each for the groups listed below under Main Navigation Links.
    • Subject or Service Specific pages, also called sub-pages, described below under Page Specific Navigation Links.

    Our web pages use consistent navigation, layout, menus and language throughout. Use the links in the menus to move through our site. To return to the page you previously visited, just press your browser's Back button or a corresponding link in the left hand column. A link to the Home Page can be found at the top of all pages as described below.
    The site utilizes three sets or groupings of Navigation Links:

    1. Main Navigation Links are always grouped according to Major Subject Area. These groups include Health Services, Social Services, Recreation and Leisure, County Government, Public Safety, Planning and Infrastructure, Financial Assistance and Education and Employment. Clicking one of these links will take you to a page with numerous links to information or services corresponding to the Major Subject Area.

    • On the Home Page these links are located vertically in the left hand column along with other important links, such as the County Library, Business, and County and Municipal maps.
    • On all other pages the main navigation links can be found across the top in the blue menu bar.

    2. General Information Links are located at the top of each page above the Search Function. These links connect to information including a link to the Home Page, County News, News Videos, Photo Gallery, a Calendar of County Events, Directions to County Facilities and the A-Z Site Map.

    3. Page Specific Navigation Links - As you reach pages that are dedicated to a specific subject or service you will find links in the left hand column specific to that page, service or subject. For example, on the County Parks home page the left hand column provides links that allow you to explore numerous other pages related to County Park facilities and services.
    Finally, you will also find various links throughout a page's text which will take you to more detailed information or related web pages.

    The Home Page is divided into three main areas, left column, middle context area, and right column.  Below these main areas is the site footer.

    • Left column: As discussed above, the left hand column houses our main navigation links, County toll-free and hot-line numbers, and a weather update from the National Weather Service for Atlantic County.  This area also contains information and links for other important topics that County administration would like to draw your attention to.

    • Middle context area: Here you will find our Information Slider that highlights special events, seasonal programs or particularly timely information. By rolling your mouse over the content you can stop the scrolling motion on a particular slide that interests you. At the bottom of the slider you will find links to more information and forward and reverse buttons to allow you to view additional slides.  

      Under the Information Slider in the middle column is County News where you will find county-issued press releases and announcements. There is also a link to previous releases which can be searched by topic. Beside this are links to News Videos, the Photo Gallery, eSubscription services and RSS feeds and a link to our Twitter feed.  To the left of these links is our County Calendar.

      In the event of an emergency, an alert box may appear on the top portion of the homepage with links to additional information and special instructions, if necessary. During severe weather events, alerts from the National Weather Service may also be posted.

      Beneath the County News section is an area that is used to highlight important information of interest to County residents.

      Scroll to the bottom of the page to access several Key Publications, available as downloadable and printable PDF documents or links.

    • Right column: Access to the Current Traffic Advisories is available here.  Traffic advisories are listed by municipality. Follow the links for full text of the advisory for that location.

    • Footer: The footer includes links to this file, our Accessibility Statement, Privacy Policy, page translation widget and a link to our OPRA (Open Public Records Act) page.

    A - Z SITE MAP
    The A – Z Site Map is an alphabetical listing of information available on the County Web site. This information is listed by formal name as well as names which may be in more common use for the information or service you are seeking.


    • PDF Files PDF file:
      Some documents on the Atlantic County and other government websites are in Portable Document Format (PDF). These types of documents ensure that users will be able to obtain publications in their original format regardless of what type of computer, browser, or operating system they use. In order to view, navigate, and print PDF documents, users must first download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software or compatible PDF reader. Detailed instructions for downloading and installing the Acrobat Reader are available at the Adobe website. If you are not able to complete the indicated procedure, a Troubleshooting Guide is available on that site.
    • External Links external link
      Some areas on the website show an external link such as this example: example link external link. This indicates a new window or tab will open within your Internet browser when the link is clicked on. This is also an indication that you are leaving the Official Atlantic County Website to view a webpage on a website that may or may not have an affiliation with the County of Atlantic.

    Pages on the Atlantic County Web Site are designed to download as quickly as possible and work in most Internet browsers and computer operating systems. Mobile phones and tablets using 800x600 and higher resolutions are recommended for optimal viewing of the webpages. Graphics have been optimized to maintain quality at the smallest possible file size. The webpages are optimized for printing, which can result in a streamlined printed page. The webpages adhere to Section 508 of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Some parts of the website require JavaScript and or Adobe Flash Player to control certain functions. Check your Internet browser settings for these items if you have trouble accessing certain features of the website.

    Most Internet browsers today have built in functions to zoom text or the magnification of the webpage for easy viewing. In Microsoft Internet Explorer in the menu bar go to “View” and then  “Zoom” or “Text Size” to increase or decrease the magnification of the page or the text size on the page you are viewing. In Mozilla Firefox it is located on the menu bar under “View” and then “Zoom”. In Apple Safari it is located on the menu bar under “View” and then “Zoom In/Out” and “Zoom Text”. In Google Chrome, to the right of the address bar is the menu button designated by three grey lines, after opening the menu look for "Zoom".

    Language translation of our website is available through Google, accessible at the bottom of each page on our site. NOTE: ACCURACY OF GOOGLE TRANSLATE CANNOT BE VERIFIED

    If you experience technical difficulties or have suggestions for improving the Atlantic County Web Site, let us know by e-mailing your comments to our Webmaster using the link on the bottom of each page.