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Atlantic County, New Jersey
Planning and Infrastructure
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Atlantic County Seal

Atlantic County Government


Clayton W  Ingersoll,
Department Head
P.O. Box 719
Rt. 9 and Dolphin Ave.
Phone: (609) 645-5831
Fax: (609) 645-5873

Call: (609) 645-5876 or 1-877-426-7623 to report potholes or any other roadway hazards. After hours call (609) 909-7200.
Department of Public Works

Division of Parks and Recreation - (609) 645-5960
The Atlantic County Park System offers a wide variety of recreational and leisure pursuits. Park programs include large group events, crafts, environmental education, and children's programs.

Division of Roads and Bridges
Dispatch Phone - (609) 645-5830
Fax - (609) 645-5845
POTHOLE HOTLINE - Call (609) 645-5876 and 1-877-426-7623 to report potholes or any other roadway hazard. After hours call (609) 909-7200. You can also click here to use our online form.
The Division of Roads and Bridges maintains over 371 miles of county roads and rights of way, 254 bridges and over 100 traffic signals. This division ensures regularly scheduled and as required repairs and maintenance through the county road network. The Pavement Management Plan and Bridge Inspection Program are key elements of its mission.

Office of Fleet Management - (609) 645-5812
The Office of Fleet Management maintains all county vehicles and heavy equipment. The Equipment Replacement Program and Fuel Management System are functions of this division. The division operates a full service maintenance facility.

Office of Mosquito Control - (609) 645-5948
The Atlantic County's Mosquito Control program, first organized in 1912, carries on a program of Integrated Pest Management including inspections, biological controls, water management and public education, coordinated with the DEP and health agencies.