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Atlantic County, New Jersey
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Static Map Gallery
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Static Map Gallery

PDF file formatMany of these PDF files are very data-intensive and therefore very large and may require a broadband Internet connection to download successfully. Please right-click on these map links, then select the "Save Target As…" option from the pop-up menu. If you are new to this site and are unfamiliar with various PDF controls, CLICK HERE to view the quick-start guide. For a better understanding of the background associated with these maps, click on the map topic heading.

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Municipal Roadway Maps
Traffic Volume ModelsStreet maps for each municipality that include address ranges, demographic and various statistics.  County properties and points of interest are also available for each municipality.


These map services and contained data are for demonstration purposes only and were not developed in accordance with National Map Accuracy Standards. Any use of this product with respect to accuracy and precision shall be the sole responsibility of the user. These map services and data were developed, in part, using New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Geographic Information System (GIS) digital data, in conjunction with the Atlantic County Office of Geographic Information Systems and the Atlantic County Department Of Public Health.  These secondary products have not been verified by NJDEP and are not state authorized.

The geodetic accuracy and precision of the GIS data contained in these maps and services have not been developed nor verified by a professional licensed land surveyor and shall not be, nor are they intended to be used in matters requiring delineation and location of true ground horizontal and/or vertical controls.